Future Infarmers Who Share Our Mission in North America

by Amit Shoresh, Managing Director North America @Infarm

We’re Looking for Future Infarmers Who Share Our Mission

A passion for food isn’t unique to any individual culture. Across every part of the globe, there is a universal desire for fresh, pure, tasty and nutritious food. At Infarm, we feel this deeply. We’re working every day to improve the food millions of people around the world eat by changing the way it’s produced and delivered. As we look forward to 2021, we are looking for more people who share this mission to join our team globally and especially in North America.

Today, Infarm has deployed more than 1200 farms in ten countries around the world. We have partnered with more than 30 major food retailers to harvest 500,000 plants every month right in our consumer’s local neighborhoods. This means we’re able to deliver Infarm produce at its freshest point to shoppers in their local store.

While Silicon Valley is often considered the hub for change and innovation, this transformation in agriculture is happening globally. And it’s not surprising. Across the world, climate change is poised to impose a massive strain on communities’ access to food. It’s a global problem that requires a global solution.

At Infarm, our team is made up of more than 700 employees in ten countries across three continents. We represent more than 55 nationalities and expertise that ranges from biology to software development. And we learn from each other.

Our team in North America is inspired by the work and success of our international colleagues. We’re constantly learning from the achievements and obstacles experienced across our international markets—whether it’s a produce breakthrough in Germany or a supply chain innovation in Japan. As COVID-19 brings food security issues to the forefront, there has never been a more critical time to work together across the globe to address these challenges.

The insights from our international teams have allowed us to lay the groundwork in North America. We’re connecting communities from Seattle, to Victoria and Vancouver with easily accessible, high-quality produce, and we’ll be growing even more in 2021.

When it comes to tackling the issues surrounding food security and the implications of climate change, there’s no one right way. We’re continuing to fine-tune our approach by building teams that are increasingly diverse and by sharing ideas across markets. We are growing our team globally, and particularly in North America. We want people to bring their expertise and passion to this shared mission.

North America Team, Vancouver
Amit Shoresh, Managing Director North America @ Infarm
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